GENEA‘s system focuses essentially on a know-how that comes from far away. The founder began operating in the building in the early years of the last century. One of the company companies of the GENEA CONSORZIO was founded in 1951 by his son. Since then he has kept up with the times, assisted in turn by his two children, who are fascinated by the construction industry and the tradition they felt they must continue to affirm, with professionalism and innovation.

Innovation is the spirit for the creation of GENEA, all about energy saving and the use of new energy-related technologies, specialization in mountaineering techniques and energy-efficient technology installations.

Our administrative structure consists of 6 collaborators.

Our technical structure is composed of n. 1 Architect, n.1 Engineer, n.2 Surveyor Geometry, n. 2 Counters and n.10 construction site managers workers.
Genea is a consortium founded by the participation of 3 family companies, all with the peculiarity of carrying out public and private works in the field of construction. The fusion of experience and abilities, together with the new ideas of development, make Genea a consortium projected for the future.

OG 1 Civil and industrial buildings.
OG 3 Roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, subways.
OG 8 River works, defense, hydraulic and reclamation works.
OG 11 Technological systems.
OS 12-B Rockfall barriers, consolidating rocky ridges, snowfall barriers and similar.